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Guided tour in České Budějovice

on Sep 29, 2019

České Budějovice, the capital of Soufh Bohemia, is the centre of the business and culture. It is also the seat of the University of South Bohemia. This is the present day. But what about the history of the town?

České Budějovice, once the rich royal town, was founded in 1265 at the confluence of two rivers.

When you visit the historical centre nowadays, you can still feel the ever-present magical atmosphere of this town.

We will spent about 90 minutes with the guided tour of České Budějovice. During this time you will see many lovely places like the so called „Black Tower“, St.Nicholas cathedral, former Dominican cloister, Samson Fountain and others.

You can enjoy here not only the world-famous beer, but also stories about fire and water or stories about courage and power of local people. Because there are so many stories written in the stones of the houses!

„Everybody wants to live in České Budějovice.“ – this is a widely known sentence of a popular czech play. Come here and make sure that these words are true.

Guided tour in České Budějovice 90 – 120 minutes (basic route) 60,– EURO

If you would like to visit the former Dominican cloister from inside, the additional entrance fee is to be paid.

Oh, look at that! České Budějovice is a king´s town! I must see it. Well, I ´ll write the request for this guided tour!