Made by Mary - "Gifts with strories..."

What is it?

I like all my products. Every product has a story, which brought me to create them. I wrote all these stories, they represent an important element which gave birth to my products. All products from my atelier will be delivered with these stories. You will know, who made the product, in addition, you will know, why it was produced. Do you think, it´s not important in today´s world? If you answer this question with „Yes“, then you don´t buy my product probably, so you don´t need to read more. But I hope, there is a lot of people, who will be pleased with such an „added value“ of these souvenirs. That is the reason, why there are my „Gifts with stories...“


I wish you a lot of fun with my products and their stories!



My atelier

Since 2010 I have been engaged in my hobby in sewing. I sew bags, children´s baskets, home decoration… everything what can make somebody happy. My products should be characterized by my own brand „Made by Mary“, which I created for my first products many years ago.

I love details, sophistication, thoroughness and I hope, you will see it on my products.

By travelling I like the possibility to buy something, what was produced in that place, where it is sold. That´s the reason, why I created the brand „Made by Mary“. If you are interested in some of my products, please feel free to contact me via e-mail.